Mobile App Developers


AndPlus is committed to solving complex problems with software. Since 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of companies launch high quality software products, using the appropriate tool set for the job and our agile software development process. Our roots are in software engineering. Our passion is in user experience. Through our work, you will see a seamless experience in both.

Our team of 32 engineers, software architects, and UX/UI Developers (all located in our Southborough, Massachusetts office) allows us to work on a variety of projects for large enterprise customers, as well as small and medium size businesses.

Our expertise in software development isn’t limited to one particular industry or developing for one specific platform. Our team utilizes a wide variety of development languages and frameworks in order to build the right software for the problem our clients are trying to solve.



Firstly, Andplus is happy to take a shot on a junior developer just starting out. But their interview process is thoughtful and no joke, so they do a good job separating the wheat from the chaff. You can be confident your co-workers are going to be reliable.

No work from home opportunities, but this is understandable. They want teams to be able to closely communicate and have a healthy rapport which is best fostered in person.

Secondly, management is very hands off on the technical side, giving full autonomy and paying full deference to the engineer’s design recommendations and projections. The project managers are there to help interface with the clients and keep sprints organized, not nit-pick and micro-manage the technical work. Also, they are very good about time-boxing, so a healthy work-life balance is very easy to maintain.


Lastly, the environment is very friendly. Everyone is super helpful, fun, and positive for the most part (obviously sometimes a final sprint on a project can ratchet up the tension, but this is probably universal, and even in these cases, management has your back).

The only reason I left is because I was given an offer I couldn’t refuse by a company very close to home. And I would never have had this opportunity if not for the growth I was able to achieve with Andplus. Because of the positive atmosphere and the freedom to take on interesting technical challenges at my discretion, I learned an immense amount in just one year.  




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